Busy isn’t the problem.

Busy really isn’t what it used to be.

Busy used to be the goal. It was what we aimed for. It was cool.

Now busy has fallen out of fashion.

We’re reminded often that busy is a disease. It will keep us occupied, make us miserable, and end with us getting sick.

But busy was never the problem.

Leading a full life with plenty to see and do is a good way to live.

Busy got a bad name because of overwhelm. From being busy for no other reason than keeping busy. From thinking that today, just maybe, we can finally do it all.

To balance ‘too busy’ we need to make time… to get busy with plans for hikes in the woods, books to read, and work (that matters).

We need to be the right type of busy. The type that includes lots of active rest, learning, and things that light up our soul.

Busy was never the problem, it’s the solution.

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